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“… this is something new, and oddly…joyful. It’s an emotional manifesto. Black metal is extreme music for extreme people, after all, and here, Agriculture are extremely blissed-out.” – Rolling Stone

“one of the most exciting and inspiring metal debuts in recent memory” – Exclaim!

“guitar-led, white-knuckled ‘black metal'” – The FADER

“one of the genre’s most defiantly unique new bands” – BrooklynVegan

“songs as powerful and extreme as they are soaringly beautiful” – Bandcamp

“intense and beautiful” – Treble, Best New Releases

“a bold, experimental foray that delights those seeking depth and innovation in their music” – Knotfest

“if you like experimentation and the esoteric… I would definitely recommend giving this one a listen” – Metal Sucks

“They’ve pummeled the notion into your head by now that their vision for black metal is one that reaches ‘ecstatic’ heights, and while some artists have habit of leaning too much into self-descriptors for the sake of gimmickry, Agriculture wholly reap what they sew…” – rcmndedlisten

“…prepare for glorious blazes of sound, whirling and peeling in exhilarating triumph above thunderous drums, exultant bass lines, and furious screams and wretched cries.” – No Clean Singing

“Agriculture operate on an epic scale, maintaining a monomaniacal focus throughout their extended black metal sagas.” – The FADER

“soaring and intense” – Stereogum

“fuses black metal fury with some genuinely bright, uplifting melodies” – BrooklynVegan

“Gorgeous” – Stereogum

“Agriculture’s self-titled debut full-length solidifies the Los Angeles outfit as one of the most promising American black metal bands to come along in some time” – Bandcamp Album of the Day

“tornadic, triumphant” – BrooklynVegan

“It’s utterly overwhelming, and yes, ecstatic, in a great and terrible way that feels more like madness than enlightenment.” – Decibel Magazine

“Agriculture is here to put the ecstatic back in black metal …” – Metal Injection

“explodes into utter ecstasy” – The FADER

“more than achieves the band’s goal of evoking a visceral, sometimes terrifying ecstasy in the listener” – The FADER

“Agriculture have spun us into a world of blissful, transcendental compositions” – New Noise Magazine

“…extreme music that elicits extreme emotions, but not all negative. Between blast beats and banshee vocals are wailing saxophone solos, abrasive violin squeals and thunder-clapping guitar strokes that part the seas of dissonance to beckon forth huge, post-metal climaxes. There’s a strange, alluring optimism in Agriculture’s sound — but don’t worry, you can still bang your fucking head to it.” – Revolver Magazine, 5 Rising Artists You Need to Know – June 2023

“a set of hazy and soaring moments of emotional majesty” – Treble, Best New Releases

“…Agriculture are never stuffy or didactic. The band is always bursting with life. And it’s also…black metal. It’s very black metal, in fact. While the band aims for something other than ravishing grimness and kvlt-mandated misery, it ends up somewhere familiar.” – Stereogum, The Black Market

“Album closer ‘Relier’ gives itself over to Agriculture’s maximalist impulses. It’s the pyrotechnic display the record promises, and it’s terrific.” – Dusted Magazine

“Agriculture further cement themselves as one of the most exciting up and coming names in black metal” – Heavy Blog

“one of the most exceptional avant-garde extreme metal albums in recent memory” – Destroy//Exist

“Agriculture’s debut full-length is likely to be a touchstone record for black metal and heavy music in general in 2023…” – Meat Mead Metal, Pick of the Week

“one that blooms with grace and a punch to the face” – Audio Eclectica 

“ups the ante with 6 killer tracks that shows black metal shines best when it isn’t confined in a box” – Dead Rhetoric, 10/10

“a thrilling band with transcendence at their fingertips and a wildly bright future” – Bandcamp Album of the Day

“…this record takes country and folk influence into black metal, structuring massive crescendos with post rock sensibility.” – Boolin Tunes

“one of the genre’s best and most essential new releases” – Exclaim!

“Black metal is supposed to be provocative, and Agriculture seem like a band who would provoke the people who already like it and the people who don’t.” – BrooklynVegan

“showcases the band’s diverse approach to extreme metal” – Destroy//Exist

“…Agriculture’s new record achieves its goal to become an opportunity to encounter and appreciate the splendor and delight found within both the mystical and tangible aspects of existence.” – Destroy//Exist

“many who’d never seen or heard of the LA black metal four -piece were thrown by the scruff of their necks straight into their brief, diverse, and intense burst of exultant energy” – Invisible Oranges

“On their debut album, Agriculture makes it clear that they are the future of blackgaze. Their compositions bring a special sentimentality that shows they are both masters of their craft and understanders of what an audience desires. This is definitely one you won’t want to miss.” – Noob Heavy

“The water from which Agriculture submerge themselves is all-healing.” – rcmndedlisten

“…divides itself into these thresholds, initially tip-toeing into gentle waters under the glint of the sun and the safety of shorelines before swimming further out. There, waves crash harder and eventually, riptides pull you out further. You are now at its mercy, waters amplified in the flurry of coarse electricity…” – rcmndedlisten

“undoubtedly an exhilarating and emotional ride throughout, and definitely one you’ll want to get on board with now because Agriculture is definitely a band with a bright future” – Spectrum Culture

“The passion, the intensity, the unbearable heaviness coexisting with the utmost frailty, the evocative nature of its concept, all of it will feel like a transcendental experience – which it is.” – The Devil’s Mouth

“…places itself comfortably among the more emotionally affecting metal records of the year.” – Treble

“…while black metal has been reappropriated in the last decade or so by bands using its sonic palette to paint in brighter colors, Agriculture manipulates a purer black metal sound into more positive emotional resonance without implementing textures from other non-metallic genres.” – Tuned Up

“a record that is as brutal and abrasive as it is life-affirming” – Tuned Up

“There’s a focus throughout the album on these sorts of large, often ineffable forces, as well as a feeling of release when embracing both their mysterious power and your own powerlessness. By the end of the album, you may feel Agriculture themselves have transformed into one of these forces; they feel unstoppable, a band for whom the sky’s the limit.” – Undr Currents

“…I honestly feel kind of exhilarated while listening to the new release by Agriculture. The band is able to play their version of Black Metal with a twist that makes this not only a really worthwhile listen but also one that will lift your spirits – which direction? Upwards and onwards!” – Veil of Sound

“‘Agriculture’ is well-rounded and offers a fulfilling, well-crafted experience. The pacing, structuring, and flow of the record works wonderfully, taking the listener through scathing speed, introspective wandering, and evocative soundscapes. The build/release dynamics of post-metal/rock are effortlessly realised by the band in a blackgaze format that’s extremely effective. Each track is instantly appealing and engaging, yet there’s a depth of substance here that exceeds mere instant gratification. Agriculture works best over time, revealing and bolstering its many strengths as it twists and coils around you. It knows it has you firmly in its grasp, and won’t let go.” – Wonderbox Metal